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Fencing Materials

As a McAllen fence contractor, we specialize in providing fencing to commercial and residential customers. We offer a variety of fencing materials including wood, metal, PVC, and wrought iron fencing. No matter what you have in mind for your fence, you can rely on us for quality materials and installation practices.

Wooden Fencing – Love the look of cedar or redwood fencing? How about a split rail fence? We offer elegant wooden fencing solutions suitable for all tastes. Whether you want a modern wood fence made from sustainable wood or prefer traditional wood fencing, we have access to a wide selection of wood types and finishes.

Metal / Steel Fencing – Whether you want a metal fence for its looks or a steel perimeter fence for its security, we have metal fencing solutions to match! Our metal and steel fence solutions are suitable for a number of applications including commercial fencing, security fencing, and pool fencing.

PVC Fencing – Attractive and low-maintenance, PVC fencing is becoming increasingly popular in McAllen. Fence contractors are often asked to replace traditional fencing with PVC fencing due to cost and maintenance concerns. PVC fencing is a popular option with homeowners associations due to its attractive looks, durability, and low-maintenance requirements.

Wrought Iron Fences (Custom and Standard) – Add a touch of elegance and personality to your custom home with custom wrought iron fencing. We specialize in custom ornamental iron fabrication and can create stunning accents and complete wrought iron fencing based on your home's unique style. We can also design a beautiful wrought iron fence using standard wrought iron fencing panels, gates, and deck rails. Whether you want a custom wrought iron fence or a standard one, we can help you design a fence that complements your home's architectural style.

Gates and Access Control – We offer a variety of gates and access control products. Whether you need a side gate, driveway gate, or security gate, you can count on us for quality fence and gate materials, hardware, gate controllers, and keypads.

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