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What colors can a wrought iron fence come in?

While many people love the classic look of black wrought iron, wrought iron fencing can be painted in virtually any color you desire.

Is wrought iron fencing a good choice for a home in McAllen, Texas?

Wrought iron fencing is a beautiful fence type suitable for modest and grand homes alike. It is extremely versatile with both ornate and contemporary styles available. Whether you want a dainty wrought iron fence to surround your flower garden or a showy fence for a courtyard or estate home, wrought iron fencing is an excellent choice.

Is there a difference between steel and wrought iron fencing?

Today's smelting processes have changed the way wrought iron is produced, and both steel and wrought iron are made from A36 carbon steel. While the manufacturing process and materials are essentially the same, the main difference between steel and wrought iron today is in how the terms are used. Steel fencing with straight bars and rails are generally referred to as steel or metal fencing while steel fencing with decorative twists, curves, and embellishments is generally referred to as wrought iron.

Can you recommend a specific type of fence for my home or business?

We sure can. As a McAllen fence contractor, we are fencing experts and understand how the features and benefits of different fencing options. We consider the property's architectural style and historic significance, if any, as well as your personal tastes and the primary purpose of the fence. In addition, we consider any neighborhood or city guidelines which might limit the types of fences allowed.

Can my fence project include ornamental iron accents?

Yes. In fact, not only can we create a stunning fence for your home, we can design accent pieces such as ornamental window guards or wooden flower boxes that match your fence.

I would like to install a security gate with a keypad at my automotive repair business. Is it possible to create temporary key codes so customers can drop off their cars after hours?

Yes. We offer a variety of gate controllers and keypad solutions, many of which allow for the creation of temporary gate codes.


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